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It helps, of course, that Wentz has developed into an honest to goodness superstar. The Eagles traded up for the No. 2 overall choice in last year’s draft to get him, then made him an immediate starter by trading away Sam Bradford just before last season.

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Cheap Jerseys from china You’ve just got to play it honest, because you’re involved in so many different [things]… Especially when it’s all out blitz, that ball is coming out of there quick and it’s coming to your guy oftentimes. Manning has thrown for 10,136 yards and 92 touchdowns, with only 21 interceptions, in two seasons with the Broncos. That came after he underwent a series of neck surgeries and sat out the 2011 season, then was released by the Colts as they readied to draft Andrew Luck to replace him. Even those closest to him wondered while he worked his way back whether he’d regain the strength he’d lost in his throwing arm; they weren’t certain that he’d ever be able to play at the same level again Cheap Jerseys from china.