Had my confirmed 7pm slot bumped back to 930pm after

I would strongly against with this. Though the individual pads don’t cost a lot, they offer key protection to your exposed body. A tiny tip help these items with more long is to spray them with an antibacterial spray to keep from bacteria and odor. One of the main issues of learning during that week addressed was the difference between capitalism and socialism. For this I used a different approach than what was normally expected. Instead of going with the classical approach of using other countries like Russia to show socialism; I used something closer to home, Native American Tribes residing in the United States.I found an article in the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indian’s newspaper on its election process and used it to write my own paper showing how even within the borders of the United States you could find socialism being actively practiced by Native American Tribes.I completely showed how a Native American Tribe could use sovereign immunity to protect its socialistic ways, which goes against the United States Constitution even though it is housed in the same physical boundaries of this country, which uses a capitalistic approach to its government.

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