To summarize, please take the proper precautions to

He had a little bit of a rough start out there in Oakland, but he knew what he did wrong. He didn’t attack the strike zone, he didn’t attack the hitters. He likes pitching at home. WAR crew chief Bob Alexander two years ago mentioned that a friend of his was involved in an interesting motorsports adventure. That was when I contacted Hancock Fred Ashmore Jr. And he told me about his involvement with cross country challenges related to the original Cannonball Run.

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In the 1700 the Creek Indians from Georgia and Alabama began to settle along the Apalachicola River. The word Apalachicola comes from the Indian word which means „people on the other side.” In 1816 one or more fights happened between the Americans Forces and the Creek Indians and their black allies. It is possible that „Bloody Bluff” is the site of these skirmishes.

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